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Go Green—River Rafting in Whistler

Vancouver Sun

On those hot summer days, there’s nothing more refreshing than a spray of glacier water across your face. 


The Green River Tour, offered by The Adventure Group (TAG), is the perfect mountain excursion this summer. It’s not only a stellar way to cool off, but also a fun experience for the whole family. 


And it’s got a little something for everyone: amazing snow-capped panoramas, a cool mountain vibe, and impressive whitewater. 


“The Green River is the perfect combination of picturesque Whistler scenery and fun class 2-3 rapids,” says TAG’s Karen Brooks. “It’s great for those first time rafters looking for an adventure.” 


Located just 10 minutes north of the Village, the Green River Tour starts at the boat launch on Green Lake, a body of water that gets it name from its glorious emerald hues. From there, the lake pours into a raging fun zone known as the Green River.


Because of its convenient location, this excursion easily fits into a busy Whistler day, notes Brooks, making it the most popular river for locals and visitors alike.


It doesn’t eat up the whole day either. From the time you zip up your wetsuit to when you shake it off, the tour runs 2.5 hours.


The added bonus: the amazing skippers who navigate the torrents.


“They have centuries of collective on-river experience,” says Brooks, “and they want to share it with you.”


“Our guides live for the water,” notes Brooks, “They’re professional boatmen who enthusiastically bring guests down some of the best whitewater in the world.”


Like many TAG adventures, the Green River Tour has a strong element of teamwork. With the guides leading the charge, all guests contribute to the tour’s success, paddling when directed to help make the ride as exciting as possible. 


On the heels of such a big winter, right now is a great time to hit the water. “Early summer water levels are fantastic,” says Brooks. “The Green River is glacial fed so snow melt contributes to higher water levels, which means faster flow and slightly larger rapids.”


And to that, you can almost hear the river guides yell a collective, “Hallelujah.”


What are you waiting for? Book your Green River Tour now with TAG today. It’s sure to be one great ride! 

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