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Essential Guide to Relationships

It’s point/counterpoint for the lesbian set! Lipstick is the femmey-femme of the pair, while Dipstick is the eternal tomboy. Together, they are here to help whip the most precious lesbian commodity—relationships—into shape. From finding a date to staying together, they help readers navigate the wild world of discovery that pulls up shortly after the U-haul drives away—how to deal with exes, emotional baggage, and sexual dilemmas. Along with pointers about what not to wear, the authors provide a list of the ten signs it’s not going to work out.

“Finally! What we've been missing from Oprah and Dr. Phil! Lip and Dip bring unflinching truth to gay gals who are in, near, or want a relationship. And they drench it all with great gobs of humor."

- Suzanne Westenhoeffer (comedian) -

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