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On the RZRs Edge

Vancouver Sun

RZR action.jpg

Like a kitten, my engine was already purring as I approached the new RZR all-terrain vehicle. 


I’d heard about it: 0-35mph in four seconds, agile, rugged. 


The Adventure Group (TAG) recently replaced their ATV fleet with Polaris’ RZRs. Was it a good move, I wondered, as I slid into the driver’s seat and fastened my seatbelt. 


Within a quarter-mile, I had my answer—a resounding YES!


The RZR is the perfect balance of safety and danger, speed and control, daring and commanding. 


And so was the tour. That day, mine was all-girls—a playful, unbridled afternoon chewing up Whistler’s backcountry. 


“RZRs add an edge ATVs can’t offer,” said Jill, our fearless TAG leader, who blazed the trail to our first plateau, overlooking the Soo Valley. 


As I stood with my helmet under my arm, I was awe-struck. Was this view real or were my endorphins playing with me? Like something out of the Lion King, a milieu of rolling rich mountains crashed onto a jade carpet with a meandering emerald stream.


“You think this is beautiful?” Jill asked. “Wait until you see Goat Trail. It’s my favorite.”


On our way to the next lookout—which we aptly named “Goat Point”—our tires gnawed up rocky single tracks and splashed through intersecting creeks. 


The only thing missing was someone in the seat next to me. The 2-seater I drove begged for a companion.


“People really love the social aspect of the RZR,” said Jill. “They can laugh and talk and switch up drivers. Being a passenger is a lot of fun.”


Beyond the 2-seater, a 4-seater is also available, so it’s possible to bring along the whole family. 


TAG offers three different excursions from their Cougar Mountain Base: Alpine Sunrise, Wilderness, and the BC Tour.


The RZRs are more than brawn and agility; they’ve also got roll bars and are quite comfortable, encouraging longer rides and more risks.


Like the RZR Skills Park, buried deep in the forest, where riders get to flex their muscles and test their off-road abilities by conquering gigantic teeter-totters and big-banked turns.


Touted as “the next generation of trail performance” by Polaris, the RZR does not disappoint. The contrary. You’ll leave TAG smitten, wanting a burly RZR beast of your own. 


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