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TAG—You're It

Vancouver Sun

I can still feel the water spray my face as we hit the rapids…still feel my hair whip in the wind as my All-Terrain Vehicle grinds up Cougar Mountain…still feel my tummy drop as I slide down the Godzilla zipline… 


All these exhilarating sensory memories are thanks to The Adventure Group Whistler (known as TAG around town), a one-stop shop for thrills and exploration, high fives and physical feats—your go-to for FUN in Whistler!


My trifecta of adventure started with the Superfly Zipline Tour, which boasts six tandem lines, spider webbing from mountain to mountain. Rumor has it one of the lines clocked a guy flying a whopping 150km/h.  That’s Superman fast.


I can attest, some of the lines were like lightening, so fast I was actually afraid to look down. And it’s no wonder. Dana, one of the Superfly guides, tells me, “It’s over a kilometer long and 7668 hockey pucks high. (For your non-Canadians, that’s 639 feet.)


Next time, view beneath me, you’re all mine…


No matter the season, TAG has adventures all year long. Right now, summer activities abound.


If zipping from one mountain to another isn’t your thing, maybe a little Treetop Adventure Course is. You’ll feel like a kid again—except you’ll be harnessed in safely, while having the freedom to run across skinny planks and swing like a monkey from heights you’d never have dared as a child. It’s a great team builder, too.


Looking for a way to cool off? How does jet boating, canoeing or whitewater rafting sound? My Green River adventure with TAG was the perfect balance of exciting and refreshing, soaking me in glorious, dripping memories. 


If you’d like to stay dry, TAG also offers Bungee Jumping, Mountain Biking, and ATV Tours. 


Do you have what it takes to jump from a ledge 160 feet above the Cheakamus River? If so, TAG’s Whistler Bungee is calling! With some of the best and most experienced jump masters/operators, you’ll be in great hands as you check this one off your Bucket List.


Whistler’s known for its mountain biking in the summer, but how awesome to have a TAG guide show you exactly WHY it is North America’s cycling Mecca. Whether you’re looking for single tracks or a leisurely cruise around the Valley, TAG will lead the way.


Go where only 4x4 wheels can take you with TAG’s ATV Tours. My Sunrise Alpine tour allowed me to see vistas and water I never knew existed. Some friendly advice: hang on tight and wear sunscreen.


TAG, you’re it. Now it’s your turn. Go have some fun this summer!

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