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Toughest Race on the Planet

Vancouver Sun

If you listen carefully, you can hear the tribal drum beats beckoning the bravehearts to Whistler this weekend for Tough Mudder. 


I’ve been feeling the deep rhythm for weeks now, ever since I decided to take on the mammoth physical challenge. I’ve got my war paint ready, as well as my Advil and Bandaids. Bring on the grit, bring on the sweat, and then bring on the glory. 


That is, if I finish.


And I will.


If you can’t hear the drums (is it just my anxious heartbeat?), perhaps this spirit-breaking race isn’t for you. Billed as “The Toughest Race on the Planet,” Tough Mudder is hardcore, an obstacle course designed by British Special Forces to separate the men from the boys, the women from the girls. 


The 10-12 mile course features 25+ obstacles that test all-around strength, endurance, mental toughness, and camaraderie. The challenges include Arctic Enema (imagine your worst ice-cold nightmare), Firewalker (a hot jaunt of fire-licking flames), Electroshock Therapy (a sparking field of electrically-charged wires), and the Ball Shrinker (no comment). 


Did I mention it was dirty? There’s mud. And lots of it.


Whistler’s Tough Mudder is June 22 and June 23 this year. Brave participants get to dig their heels into the unique venue of Whistler’s Olympic Park. During the race, Mudders will be able to take in the beauty around them, and also the legacy left behind by the 2010 Games as they work their way through the obstacles.


Tough Mudder started in 2010 and it’s become a strong, colorful cult, a band of brothers and sisters who look fear in the face and say “Eat My Dust,” or, in this case, “Eat My Mud.” 


Since its inception, it has exploded around the world. Beyond Whistler, this year, Tough Mudder is leaving tracks in over 52 places in six different countries.


This event isn’t simply about pushing your body and mind to its limits, or about crossing the finish line. At its heart, Tough Mudder is about helping others—teammates, strangers, and wounded soldiers. To date, Tough Mudder has raised over $5 Million for the Wounded Warrior Project, an organization that honors and empowers injured soldiers. Many of them also compete.


Will I see you crawling beside me under the barbed wire? Will you offer me your hand on the Berlin Wall? Are you up for the challenge?


Come on. I dare you.

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